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Ideas for Surrogacy Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are one of the most exciting pieces of mail that you can send out to your loved ones; there’s going to be a new addition to the family! Some families who have a surrogate feel that it’s strange to send out birth announcements when somebody else is carrying their child. Whether it’s because of the questions that will follow or the desire to maintain some privacy through the process, we get it! With that being said, if you want to send out birth announcements, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t!

The way we see it, the fact that you’re having a non-traditional birth shouldn’t mean that you have to skip over the beautiful and exciting parts of adding a baby to the family. Birth announcements are something that every parent looks forward to doing. The team at Lotus Eilte in Carlsbad have gathered up a few ways that you can announce the birth of a baby while including your surrogate in the process. Let’s dive in.

Feature a Sonogram

If you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea of including the surrogate on the birth announcement, sticking to a picture of the sonogram is a safe route to take. By drawing all of the focus on the birth of a baby and this new addition to the family, you can disclose as much or as little as you want to the people that receive the announcement. This is a great option when looking to preserve privacy during the process.

Pictures of the Two of You

There are many ways that you can showcase your surrogate without printing it in black and white. If you are going to have your surrogate at your baby shower, take a picture together and feature that image on the birth announcement along with the image of the sonogram and that of your partner. A combination of these pictures can paint a beautiful story, but it doesn’t have to be written in fine print for all receiving to read. At this point, they can reach out and ask questions if they want, but it definitely gives you some more control in terms of what people do and don’t know.

Short & Sweet

Birth announcements were once extremely detailed; they include the weight of the baby down to the ounce and provided the exact minute that the child was born. Aside from that, these birth announcements also told a little bit about mom and how she handled the pregnancy.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, don’t feel as though you need to. When you have a surrogate, you can definitely keep the birth announcement short and sweet. Feel free to go crazy on all the information about the baby, but a short message that says the surrogate did amazing and that she’s healthy and well is a great way to recognize her hard work without oversharing.

Include a Thank You

Given that most of the people receiving this birth announcement will know that you’re using a surrogate, it can be nice to add a sweet thank you where you recognize the woman that’s carrying your child. If your surrogate is comfortable having their name included on things like the birth announcement or baby shower invitations, putting something like “Made Possible By” or “Thanks To” followed by their name gives them tons of recognition and is sweet and to the point.

Tell Your Story

The inability to conceive naturally is common, and it’s time for it to be normalized. If you and your partner are comfortable sharing your story with others, it can be beautiful to include your story on the birth announcement. Aside from the fact that this type of birth deserves to be normalized, it’s also challenging and requires lots of effort from the intended parents and the surrogate. This type of achievement deserves to be celebrated and shared! So, if you feel comfortable sharing these details of the baby’s birth, your story can help showcase just how big of a blessing this child is.

Put it All Out There

Something that we cannot say enough is that there’s nothing wrong with using a surrogate. This process is different, but it’s also beautiful and special, so why not share it with your loved ones? One of our favorite birth announcements is one where both the intended parents and the surrogate are included. If you want to show off your surrogate in your birth announcement, why not do just that? Surrogacy is a process where multiple parties are included in order to bring a child into the world. Creating a birth announcement that shows off both the hard work of the gestational carrier and the intended parents is absolutely amazing, and your friends and family will think so too.

Let Our Team Help

Surrogacy isn’t the traditional means of adding a child to the family, but it is an amazing gift for families that aren’t able to do so. If you are intended parents trying to work your way through the typical parts of a baby’s life, but you have questions or you want to find ways to include the surrogate, let our team help. We fully understand that this means of pregnancy can be tricky and that there are plenty of learning curves, but our team can help soften the load.

Whether you have questions or if you'd like to learn more about the surrogacy services that we offer, reach out to our team! We would be more than happy to get you taken care of and make sure that you feel confident and comfortable moving forward.

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