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Sperm Donor Journey Overview

Sperm donors are men with an exceptional mental and physical health history. 

A sperm donation journey is between 60 and 90 days. However, this can take longer depending on the donor’s availability to complete the cycle. Sperm donors are required to have excellent communication with their case managers in order to ensure a smooth process and positive experience. During your sperm donation journey, Golden Lotus will ensure that your physical and emotional needs are always met. 

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Sperm Donor Application

Prospective sperm donors are encouraged to submit an application to our program. Once your sperm donor application has been reviewed, our team will contact you to schedule an interview and determine whether or not you meet our sperm donor requirements.     


Once your sperm donor application has been received and accepted, our case managers will match you with intended parent(s) who are in search of the special characteristics you have. Our sperm donor program offers both anonymous and known sperm donations.

Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation will be performed by a licensed psychologist to ensure you are emotionally and mentally able to proceed in your journey as a sperm donor.     

Medical Screening

You will have your initial medical screening with an assigned IVF physician who will care for you throughout the sperm donation process. During this appointment, you will learn about your own fertility, undergo bloodwork, drug testing, physical exams, and other medical testing to ensure that you are a healthy sperm donor candidate. In some cases, travel to your Intended Parent’s clinic is required for your donation. Travel expenses and arrangements are taken care of by your agency. 

Legal Contracts

A legal binding sperm donor agreement will be drafted by attorneys and reviewed by you and your intended parent(s). You and your intended parent(s) will be represented by two separate attorneys throughout the sperm donor process.    

Sperm Donation

You will attend the clinic the day of our scheduled donation. Your case manager will be in close communication with you to ensure you are in good spirits and properly cared for at the IVF clinic. Sperm donors return to their regular daily routines shortly after their donation. Once a donation is confirmed, your case manager will release your full base compensation payment. 

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