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Egg Donor Pay & Benefits

At Golden Lotus, we understand the sacrifices you make in your personal life to help build someone else’s dream of becoming a parent.

In doing a life-altering act for intended parents, such as donating your eggs, our biggest hope is that your compensation will help open possibilities for you. Egg donors at Golden Lotus report using their compensation to continue their education, travel, open a small business, or fund their savings account for future plans. We consider this a win-win situation when our amazing egg donors are able to help our intended parents and can also benefit from this generous act. 

So, how much do egg donors make? First-time egg donors at Golden Lotus receive generous compensation starting at $10,000+. This amount will increase after every successful egg donation. Once you have decided to become an egg donor, we will schedule an interview to discuss payment and benefits in greater detail. The first payment disbursed to our egg donors is the day of their first injectable medication in the amount of $1,500, and the remaining compensation will be disbursed on the day of egg retrieval. In addition, all travel expenses will be covered for egg donors who do not reside near the IVF clinic. 

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