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Surrogate Referral Program

As a surrogate mother, you know how rewarding it is to help build someone else’s family.

Now it’s time to share the joy with others! At Golden Lotus, we offer the best referral base program for women who are interested in becoming a surrogate mother. If you know someone who wants to become a surrogate mother, send her to us and become a part of our surrogate recruiter program. Referring a surrogate mother comes with a plethora of benefits.

Changing Lives

First and foremost, we exist to change lives. Becoming a surrogate mother is one of the greatest gifts you could give to a family, and we are here to do our part in helping everyone achieve their dreams of parenthood. If you’ve been through the surrogacy process with us, you understand just how impactful carrying a child for another family is. Now you have the ability to encourage another courageous woman to have the same impact on another family. 

Members of our surrogate recruiter program are invaluable components of our surrogate agency. By referring a potential surrogate mother to us, we are better able to connect surrogate mothers and intended parents on their quest for parenthood.

Personal Benefits

In USA, while the main impact of surrogacy comes from giving the gift of a child to a family who longs for one, it also presents personal financial benefits. Becoming a surrogate mother is a commitment that deserves recognition, which is why we offer our surrogate mothers numerous personal benefits, including:

  • Base compensation of at least $ 40,000-45,000 in USA

  • Monthly spending allowance

  • Medication allowance

  • Childcare allowance

  • Psychological support

Surrogate mothers are not the only party who can receive financial compensation, though. As a thank you for your support of Golden Lotus, we will compensate you for each referral. For every qualified candidate you send our way, the compensation amount increases. To learn about all of the payments and benefits of becoming a surrogate mother, click here. 

The safety and wellbeing of every involved party is of the utmost priority at Golden Lotus. To ensure the safety of the child, the surrogate mother, and the intended parents, we follow a set of guidelines in our surrogate selection process. Keep these qualifications in mind when referring a surrogate mother to enhance your ability to receive compensation:

  • Non-smokers and non-drug users

  • Between the ages of 20-38

  • Not currently taking medications for mental illness

  • Financially stable

  • BMI below 32

  • Have had at least one successful live birth 

Surrogacy has the chance to change the lives of everyone involved, and we need your help to continue creating those life-altering moments. To learn more about our surrogacy referral program, please reach out to us today

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