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Surrogacy Journey Overview

During your journey as a surrogate mother, our team will ensure your physical and emotional needs are met every step of the way. 

Surrogate Application

All prospective surrogates are encouraged to submit an application to our surrogacy program at Golden Lotus. Once your application has been reviewed by us and we have determined that you meet our surrogate requirements, our team will contact you to schedule an virtual interview and/or home visit. During this phase of the surrogate mother process, we will also be requesting your pregnancy and delivery records for review and pre-approval by the IVF physician. 

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations are performed by a licensed psychologist to ensure that each of our surrogate mothers are emotionally and mentally able to proceed in their journey as an egg carrier. Surrogate mothers cannot have a history of bi-polar disorder, anxiety, etc. and no medications for mental illness can be taken. 

Medical Screening

You will also have a medical screening with your assigned IVF physician, who will care for you throughout the first 13 weeks of the surrogate pregnancy.  During your medical screening, the doctor will perform a physical exam, drug test, blood work, and ultrasound to ensure that you meet all the surrogacy qualifications and are eligible to begin the in-vitro fertilization process. 

Surrogate Matching

One of our case managers will match you with intended parent(s) who are most compatible with you. We understand the importance of a perfect match when it comes to choosing the right surrogate parent, and our goal is to match you with intended parent(s) who have similar values to yours. Our most rewarding outcomes are when a surrogate and her intended parent(s) build strong relationships that last a lifetime. 

Legal Agreements

A legal binding gestational carrier contract will be drafted by an attorney and reviewed by both the surrogate and the intended parent(s). Both you and your intended parent(s) will be represented by separate attorneys throughout the surrogate program in case there are any issues that need to be resolved. 

Medication & Embryo Transfer

You will begin your IVF medication after the execution of your legal contract in preparation for the embryo transfer. An injectable medication calendar and instructions will be provided by your IVF physician. The embryo transfer will occur after your last set of injections as advised by the doctor. Golden Lotus will ensure all travel is booked in preparation for your embryo transfer. 

Monitoring During Pregnancy 

To ensure that you and the baby are doing well, you will be attending monitoring appointments at an IVF clinic near you until 13 weeks of pregnancy have passed. Thereafter, you will continue medical care with your OB-GYN until delivery.  

Recovery After Delivery

After delivery, the baby(ies) will be discharged from the hospital to the intended parents. Golden Lotus ensures that when our surrogate mothers are discharged, they are well cared for and can transition smoothly to their regular day-to-day activities. Case managers will stay in touch for approximately six months after delivery to ensure that the surrogate mother is doing well.

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