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Becoming a Surrogate

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A child is a gift that so many want to add to their families. Unfortunately, for some, natural conception isn’t an option. As heartbreaking as this may initially be, the abundance of options that are now available to parents has provided comfort in the ability to help these families grow. 

Surrogacy is an option that many families select when looking to add a child to their family. 

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate, it’s always good to know what to expect before making the commitment. Though the surrogacy program does vary depending on the state and their laws, the surrogacy company, and individual circumstances by both the surrogate and the family, there are some underlying factors that you can anticipate when choosing to become a surrogate. 

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The ability to help the families that come to us is no small feat, and we want our surrogates to understand that as well. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect as a surrogate, why Golden Lotus is a great place to become a surrogate, and how you can get started. 

Steps to Becoming a Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is a selfless job that gives a family the gift of a child. If you are considering becoming a surrogate, it’s good to have a general idea of what to expect. Below, we are going to go over a few of the steps that you’ll need to take to become a surrogate with Golden Lotus.  Feel free to contact our team with any questions that you may have along the way.

Step 1: Determine if It’s the Right Fit

Without a doubt, one of the first things that you’re going to need to do is determine if surrogacy is the right fit for you. Surrogacy is a long process, and is often very emotional for both the surrogate and the parents. At the end of the day, it’s a huge commitment, and we want to make sure that you are fully aware and prepared for the commitment that you’re making. Here are the two biggest factors to keep in mind with the surrogacy process.

Time Frame 

Surrogacy is a process that can last a year or more. Throughout this time, you are committed to a family or individual as you undergo both medical and psychological evaluations and procedures. Aside from that, you’re also going to be facing all of the challenges that are associated with a pregnancy and labor.


The amount of time that you devote to this process is definitely something you’ll want to consider, but it’s important that we point out what you may face tumultuous emotions as well. Because you will be devoting so much time to this family throughout the process (not to mention the hormones leading to heightened emotions), it’s completely normal for emotions to be a factor in the process. 

Take some time to determine whether or not you can truly handle the time commitment and if you’ll be able to manage the emotions that surface during the process. If you think that you are a good fit, the next step is making sure that you meet the qualifications.

Step 2: Meeting All Qualifications

If you’ve decided that you would like to be a surrogate and you’re able to handle the commitment of the process, the next thing that you’re going to do is make sure that you meet the qualifications. In order to ensure that both surrogates and intended parents experience a healthy process, we take the qualifications extremely serious. 

If you have any questions regarding the surrogate qualifications, feel free to contact our office, and we would be more than happy to help.

Step 3: Complete the Application

You’ve decided surrogacy is the right fit for you and you meet the qualifications; it’s now time to complete the application! Golden Lotus has made it incredibly easy to apply for surrogacy online. These questions help to provide us with a general idea of whether or not you will be a fit for surrogacy with our agency. 

If you want to become a surrogate, start your application today! 

Step 4: Matching Process

After an application has been approved, the next step is matching a surrogate with a family. Our team will utilize your answers to create a profile for you that will then be shown to intended parents interested in finding a surrogate. In this profile we will include any necessary medical history, a couple of pictures of you and your family, and the answers to your questions. Overall, this profile helps to create a clear idea of who you and your family are. With this information, intended parents are better able to find a match of who they think would be the best surrogate for them. 


Once we have intended parents that are interested in having you as a surrogate, the next step is sending over their profile to you. At this point, you will have the opportunity to review their profile and determine whether or not you’d be comfortable with the circumstances or if they’re a good match for you. 

Step 5: Meeting the Intended Parents

If a match is made with a surrogate and intended parents, the next step is meeting. Depending on where the individual parties live, the meeting will either be arranged at a time and location or will take place over Skype. At this point in the process, our team is there to serve as both support and guidance. The meeting is designed to be an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and determine whether or not that connection is there. 


Some of the topics that most surrogates and intended parents discuss during this time is what the relationship will be like after the birth of the baby, the time frame of pregnancy and procedure, the number of embryos that will be transferred, the care process, and the like. We genuinely try to match our surrogates and intended parents so that they are on the same page from the get-go, but this first meeting is a great way to determine whether that connection is there or not.

Step 6: Medical Screening

Now that everyone has been acquainted and determines that they’d like to proceed, it’s time to start the medical screening. The medical screening will start with you (and in some cases your spouse or partner) going to visit the fertility doctor that your newly matched intended parents are working with. At this point, they perform blood work, urine screening, and an ultrasound to determine your current health and for you to receive medical clearance.


In terms of the medical screening that a spouse or partner may need to go through, it is usually only blood work that they’re going to need to have done. These can usually be done at a local lab.


Once the tests have been completed, it usually takes 10 to 14 days for the results to be sent out. Once the results have been received, the legal process of surrogacy begins.

Step 7: Legal Agreements

When the medical screen has been completed and the results have come back clear, the legal contract can begin. Our team will help you to find an attorney that can help review the contract with you and tackle any questions that you have. This particular phase of the process is where some of the serious topics surface and need to be discussed and added to the contract between the surrogate and the intended parents. 


During the initial meeting, many of these topics have already been brought up and covered, so there is rarely any unexpected issues that arise at this point in time. When working with an agency, the topics that will need to be discussed during the process of drafting the legal contract are the compensation, reduction, reimbursements, and the arrangements that you and the intended parents have made.


Every situation is different, but the legal contract process will usually take anywhere from two to six weeks to be completed.

Step 8: Cycle Phase

Now that the legal contracts have been documented and signed, it’s time to start the actual IVF cycle. The IVF center is going to have full management of this particular part of the process and will provide instructions and information to the intended parents, surrogate, and us at the agency. Our responsibility as the surrogacy agency is to ensure that all parties fully understand what’s to be expected during this phase.

The typical IVF cycle will usually be completed within three to six weeks time. In order to promote a healthy pregnancy for both the surrogate and the baby, you will be provided with all of the supplies that you need to be prepared to attend appointments or cycle transfers. Though this is a significant commitment to make, we definitely want to give all surrogates enough time to arrange for childcare or notify their work.

Step 9: Pregnancy & Delivery 

After a healthy IVF cycle, the next and final step is the actual pregnancy and delivery of the child. This is one of the most beautiful and special times for both the surrogate and the intended parents. As we mentioned earlier, it’s extremely emotional as the surrogate gets the opportunity to create a bond with intended parents and watch them prepare for this new addition to their family. 

Throughout this phase of the surrogacy process, the agency will continue to stay in contact with both parties. If a question or concern ever comes up, you can always reach out to us, and we’ll get you taken care of. 

In regards to the delivery, it’s a very high-energy, emotional, and exciting part of the surrogacy process. This is the final step and what everyone has been waiting for! As the agency helping you throughout this process, we do our absolute best to ensure this phase is as beautiful for you and the parents as it is for us. Our staff will work diligently with the hospital and their staff to ensure you are comfortable and taken care of as the surrogate, the intended parents, and of course the newly born baby.

Why Golden Lotus

Whether you’re a surrogate or intended parents, the agency that you work with can make all the difference in regards to the experience that you have. Here at Golden Lotus, we take pride in the quality of experience that we provide. Here are just a few of the reasons that choosing to work with Golden Lotus is a great idea.

Compassionate Team

Parenthood is different for every family, and we fully understand that in our office. Our staff recognizes that options and solutions will be different for all intended parents and surrogates that we work with. That is why we have hired the most compassionate and caring individuals to care for you during the process. 

Unmatched Attention

The process of surrogacy is not an easy one; not only does it require time and dedication, but it’s physically draining and exhausting as a mother goes through the pregnancy. Our staff recognizes this and ensures unmatched attention to the surrogate, intended parents, and to the child throughout the process. Contact our team of professionals 24/7, and get the assistance that you need to ensure each step of the process goes smoothly.


Whether it’s your first time as a surrogate/intended parent or you’ve been through the process before, it’s important to note that every instance will be different. Throughout the process, you can count on our team to guide and advise you so that you feel fully confident in the steps as they come. Our years of experience and dedication to this work is something that we do not take lightly, so you can count on our team to do their due diligence in educating and informing all parties along the way. 

Steps to Becoming a Surrogate,surrogacy,surrogate,newborn insurance,Golden Lotus Fertility: Premium Surrogacy and IVF

Become a Surrogate Today

Becoming a surrogate is incredibly selfless. The team at Golden Lotus wants to help parents looking to add a baby to their family by matching them with interested surrogates. If you think that surrogacy is the perfect fit for you, contact our team and let us answer any questions that you may have. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the journey of a surrogate, the payments and benefits, additional information about the surrogacy qualifications, or something along those lines, our team is always here to help. 

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