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Egg Donor Journey Overview

During your journey as an egg donor, our team will ensure your physical and emotional needs are met every step of the way. 

An egg donation journey is between 60 and 90 days. However, this can take longer depending on the donor’s availability to complete the cycle. Egg donors are required to have excellent communication with their case managers in order to ensure a smooth process and positive experience at our egg donor agency. During your egg donation journey, Golden Lotus will ensure that your physical and emotional needs are always met. 

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Egg Donor Application

All prospective surrogates are encouraged to submit an application to our surrogacy program at Golden Lotus. Once your application has been reviewed by our surrogacy and egg donation agency and we have determined that you meet our surrogate requirements, our team will contact you to schedule an interview and home visit. During this phase of the surrogate mother process, we will also be requesting your pregnancy and delivery records for review and pre-approval by the IVF physician. 


Once your egg donor application has been received and accepted, our case managers will match you with intended parent(s) who are in search of the special characteristics you have. Our egg donor program offers both anonymous and known egg donations. 

Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation will be performed by a licensed psychologist to ensure you are emotionally and mentally able to proceed in your journey as an egg donor.     

Medical Screening

One of our case managers will match you with intended parent(s) who are most compatible with you. We understand the importance of a perfect match when it comes to choosing the right surrogate parent, and our goal is to match you with intended parent(s) who have similar values to yours. Our most rewarding outcomes are when a surrogate and her intended parent(s) build strong relationships that last a lifetime. 

Legal Agreements

A legal binding egg donor contract will be drafted by attorneys and reviewed by you and your intended parent(s). You and your intended parent(s) will be represented by two separate attorneys throughout the egg donor process.

Medication & Egg Retrieval

You will begin your egg donor treatment after the execution of your legal agreements in preparation for the egg retrieval. An injectable medication calendar and instructions will be provided by your IVF physician. The egg retrieval will occur the day following your last set of injections as advised by the doctor. Our egg donor team will ensure that all travel is booked in preparation to your egg retrieval and that food allowance is disbursed prior to this date.   


A few hours after your egg retrieval, you will be discharged and placed on bed rest for the rest of the day. Your case manager will be in close communication with you to ensure you are properly cared for and can transition smoothly to your regular day-to-day activities. Egg donors return to their regular daily routines a few days after the egg retrieval.     

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