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Become a Surrogate

By choosing to become a surrogate mother, you will change a family’s life forever. 

By choosing to become a surrogate mother, you will change a family’s life forever. 

By choosing to become a surrogate, you will change a family’s life forever in a way that no one else can. Due to the selfless act of becoming a surrogate mother, many of our surrogates create special bonds with their intended parent(s) that last a lifetime. At Golden Lotus Surrogacy & Egg Donation , we are proud to offer 24/7 support and the highest surrogacy base compensation fees where commercial surrogacy is allowed per the laws and regulations, with competitive surrogate mother pay and benefits that make becoming a surrogate well worth it for both the surrogate and the intended parent(s).

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Surrogacy Benefits

There are many benefits of becoming a surrogate mother - in fact, it is one of the most selfless and rewarding things you can do. However, it is also a big commitment that requires lots of communication from both ends. If you are wondering how to become a surrogate mother, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of surrogacy before submitting an application with your local egg donation and surrogacy agency. That being said, here are some key benefits of becoming a surrogate: 

Help Families Grow

One of the main reasons to become a surrogate mother is to help individuals and couples achieve their dearm of startomg a family. This is an incredibly rewarding role for many women, as they have the chance to make others’ dreams of parenthood come true when they themselves cannot conceive. Surrogate parents are the answer for many intended parents, including: infertile couples who cannot conceive on their own, LGBTQ+ couples who need an egg carrier, and single individuals who are ready to take on parenthood by themselves. Finding the right surrogate is challenging for many intended parents, which often results in months to years of waiting. If yuou choose to become a surrogate, you could be the answer to someone’s prayer!

Financial Matters *

Another consideration of becoming a surrogate mother is that you get compensated to carry someone else’s baby in the USA and other countries including Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, where commerical surrogacy is permitted. So, how much can surrogate mothers be compensated? At our surrogacy journey, first-time surrogates are eligible to receive $45,000 or more if you reside in California and $40,000  or more if you are a resident in any other surrogate- friendly state in USA. Second- and third- time surrogates can earn additional $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Plus, you receive additional benefits, such as a monthly allowance, childcare allowance, housekeeping allowance, clothing allowance, psychological support, life insurance, health insurance, travel and food allowance, reimbursable mileage, and the list goes on. If you are looking to help someone else start a family and you could also use some extra cash to put a down payment on a home, go back to school, pay off your college debt, or travel, surrogacy could be right for you! (* This does not apply to Canada. Please contact us to learn about Canadian Surrogacy.) 

Make Lasting Connections

Surrogacy is about more than giving life; it's an opportunity to give back to the world and create long-lasting relationships with those whose lives you’ve changed. International surrogates and women who begin the journey of surrogacy for gay couples make a profound impact on the lives of others who may be different than them, which helps to bridge cultural barriers and facilitate compassion for people of all walks of life. Infertile couples and individuals who have chosen to start a family via surrogacy are also taking a big leap by putting their trust in someone that could potentially become a godmother, or at the very least, a close friend. Often, our surrogates and their intended parents become lifelong best friends!

Apply At Golden Lotus

Wondering how to become a surrogate mother in California, Washington, Nevada, or any other nearby state? The first step is to fill out the application form below by answering a few questions about yourself. Our team will then review your surrogate application and get back to you within 48 hours of your submission to schedule an interview and home visit.

Please remember to review our surrogate qualification requirements prior to submitting your application: 

  • Surrogate mothers must be between the ages of 20 and 42 (up to 48 years old if you are living in Canada for Canadian surrogacy journey)

  • Must be a healthy female with regular menstrual cycles 

  • Have had a least one successful, live birth with no major complications during pregnancy and delivery and no more than one C-section

  • BMI below 32 (to calculate your BMI, please go to: BMI CALCULATOR)

  • Non-smoker and non-drug user (drug test will be performed)

  • Financially stable, responsible individual with exceptional communication

  • U.S. citizen, Canadian citizen, or have valid U.S. permanent residency status

  • Not currently taking medications for mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.) 

  • No history of bi-polar disorder, anxiety, etc. (psychological screening will be performed)

Note: The surrogate mother process will be delayed if currently breastfeeding, or if currently on IUD or birth control shots. However, your surrogate application may still be submitted.

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