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Surrogate Mother Pay & Benefits in USA

At Golden Lotus, we understand what surrogate mothers go through to help build someone else’s family. From emotional and physical investments to career sacrifices, completing the surrogacy process requires immense amounts of time and effort.

That’s why we make it a priority to educate surrogate mothers about potential compensation for their generous commitment. First time surrogates receive a base fee of $40,000 - $55,000 depending on the State where you reside. We are also proud advocates of our repeat surrogates. We have matched repeat surrogates for a base fee of $85,000 when they have completed more than two journeys!

Surrogate base compensation is the amount you receive for becoming a surrogate mother. In addition to your base fee, you will receive other monetary and supplemental benefits that will ensure you have a smooth and comfortable pregnancy. 


Base compensation payments are disbursed monthly beginning the first of the month following your heartbeat confirmation and thereafter each month until delivery. Although they vary from case-to-case, additional monetary and supplemental benefits will be received throughout the pregnancy and for each milestone achieved, including:

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,monthly allowance,surrogacy

Monthly Allowance

All of our surrogates receive a monthly allowance commencing the month following the legal contract execution for miscellaneous expenses.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Childcare Allowance

Many surrogate mothers receive childcare allowance that is intended to cover the costs of their own childcare while they are completing the surrogacy.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Psychological Support

Many surrogate mothers attend monthly support group meetings with other surrogates, the costs of which are often covered on a monthly basis.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Reimbursable Mileage

Women who choose to complete surrogacy can be reimbursed for their mileage required to travel to doctor’s appointments, screenings, and other surrogacy-related appointments.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Injectable Medication Allowance

All of our surrogates receive an injectable medication allowance disbursed within 5 days of starting medications.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Housekeeping Allowance

A housekeeping allowance helps maintain the surrogate mother’s home, giving her the ability to focus on her surrogacy.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Life Insurance

All pregnant surrogates will receive a life insurance benefit activated upon confirmation of pregnancy.


Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Travel and Food Allowance

All travel expenses related to your surrogacy agreement are covered. Travel is booked in advance by your agency and a food allowance will be disbursed to you. If payments out of pocket are necessary due to logistics, you are eligible for reimbursement.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Embryo Transfer Allowance

All surrogates receive an embryo transfer allowance paid within 5 days after the embryo transfer procedure.


Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Clothing Allowance

All surrogates receive a clothing allowance to purchase maternity clothing. 


Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Surrogacy Health Insurance

All medical expenses that result from the surrogacy program can be covered with a health insurance policy for the surrogate.

Surrogate Mother Pay&Benefits,surrogate,surrogacy

Surrogate Care Packages

Depending on the intended parents, surrogate mothers often benefit from care packages and gifts throughout their pregnancy.

Should there be any unforeseen complications throughout the surrogacy process, surrogate mothers could also receive compensation for dropped cycles, miscarriages, multiple pregnancies, lost wages, C-sections, and more.

An official benefit package will be sent to you upon approval outlining all of the benefits to be received.

In addition to the monetary and supplemental benefits you receive for becoming a surrogate mother through Golden Lotus, you will be assigned a case manager who you can contact 24/7. Our admissions team will go over your surrogate benefit package in detail during your interview process. If you have particular questions regarding surrogate mother pay and benefits, please email:

Note: It is not allowed in Canada to offer to compensate a woman living in Canada to be surrogate. However, Canadian surrogates can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses they incur related to pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, such as:

1. Maternity clothing

2. Medications related to the pregnancy

3. Child care under certain conditions

4. Travel expenses related to surrogacy

5. Loss of income due to bed rest, etc, approved and recommended by licensed physicians in Canada

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