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4 Things to Note to Become a Surrogate

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Before becoming a surrogate, preparation is key. This is because after you become a surrogate mother, your life will experience tremendous changes. Although the experience will be fantastic, it isn’t uncommon to be bombarded with a series of emotions, as it will be uncertain what will happen at the end. So, what are some things you should think about before coming to Lotus Eilte?


Several tests are carried out before anyone becomes a surrogate to ensure that they are physically and emotionally fit. At Lotus Eilte, potential surrogate mothers should be at least 21, and their BMI should be within a healthy range.

Additionally, you should have either your own family, or carried at least one successful pregnancy to term and delivery. Another important thing you should consider before embarking on this journey is your mental wellbeing. Are you in a good mental state? If not, it is time to speak to a counselor to prepare you for what lies ahead.


It is a good idea to have family and friends who have your back at all points of your life. This support is particularly important during surrogacy, as there will be times when your hormones might act up and put you on a rollercoaster of emotions. When that happens, you will want your favorite person there. However strong you think you might be, your support system is an indispensable asset.


As a surrogate, you must build a relationship with the intended parents. The existing relationships in your life should serve as a benchmark when it comes to this. Your relationship ought to be strong, and one based on trust and honesty.

It would be best to decide how often you would like to meet up with your intended parents. Then, decide whether you prefer to keep in touch via texts, phone calls, or Skype. The issue of attending doctor appointments and scans should also be decided.


At Lotus Eilte, we understand what surrogate mothers go through to help build someone else’s family. From emotional and physical investments to career sacrifices, completing the surrogacy process requires immense amounts of time and effort.

That’s why we make it a priority to educate surrogate mothers about potential compensation for their generous commitment.

Surrogate base compensation is the amount you receive for becoming a surrogate mother. In addition to your base fee, you will receive other monetary and supplemental benefits that will ensure you have a smooth and comfortable pregnancy!

Put simply, becoming a surrogate is no easy feat, and we believe you should be compensated well.

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