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Fun Family Activities to Do During COVID-19

With people across the world quarantined to their homes for the foreseeable future, families are spending more and more time together. While the reason is far from a blessing, the time at home does bring with it a chance to spend meaningful time together. It’s certainly important to practice social distancing to limit the spread of the virus, but that doesn’t mean you and your family members can’t have fun!

Take a look below at some ways to enjoy each other’s company while at home. If you have questions about building your family, feel free to reach out to our team at Lotus Eilte.

Create a Competition

Everyone enjoys a little competition, and now that you’re stuck at home, it’s time to get a little creative. Sure, you could opt for your family’s favorite board game or a game of backyard soccer, but for those who want to try something new, make your own competition!

Have a cook-off with items remaining in the pantry; see who can build the biggest blanket fort; bring out the boombox for a dancing competition. There’s no limit to what the competition could be. Team up parents versus kids or girls versus guys, or go mano-a-mano against your spouse, sibling, or parent!

Have P.E. Class

With students and parents across the country adjusting to distance learning and working from home, chances are there will be a time during the day when everyone needs a break. Kids miss P.E. class, and parents may have swayed from their workout routine, so let’s tackle both at once! Kids will likely be the experts when it comes to P.E. class, so, parents, let them lead the way on games and exercises.

Build Something

This one can be adjusted depending on age and number of family members. If you have some little ones stuck at home, break out the lego bricks (after disinfecting them), block off a portion of your living room as the construction site, and get building! You can choose to add onto your creation every day, or start from scratch with a new theme each afternoon.

If your children are past the lego stage, this can still be a great time to introduce them to craftsmanship. Find those dusty two-by-fours and the old can of paint in the garage and turn them into a craft! Benches, tables, murals — regardless of the project, you can have fun while teaching family members new skills

Learn a Skill

Speaking of mastering skills, you will likely never have more time to learn something new. Whether it be saving time from your normal morning or evening commute, missing afternoon sports practices, or carving time out of your lunch break, now’s the perfect time to teach yourself a new skill. Learn how to play a new instrument, cook a new dish, or improve in a certain sport.

Old-School Movies

Maybe your kids haven’t seen some of your favorite movies from childhood, or you and your spouse forgot about your first-date movie. Whatever the case, spending an enjoyable evening with your loved ones can often be as easy as browsing Netflix to find a classic. If you have enough time, get the snacks ready for a movie marathon.

Regardless of how difficult these times are, we’re confident in the power of family and community, and we know that emphasizing each will help us come out stronger on the other side. Here at Lotus Eilte, we’re committed to helping build families through even the most challenging circumstances. Give us a call today to begin your own journey!

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