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Do’s and Don’ts to Remember When Submitting Pictures to Your Surrogacy Agency

If you have made the decision to become a surrogate mother with us at Lotus Eilte, we are so excited to welcome you in! Surrogacy is not only a life-changing experience for all of our surrogate mothers; more importantly, it’s a life-giving experience for thousands of intended parents throughout the world looking to start a family.

We prioritize surrogate mothers, intended parents, and everyone else involved in the surrogacy process throughout every step of the journey. It’s always our goal for surrogacies to go as perfectly as possible, and that starts with the matching process.

When intended parents and surrogate mothers are each the best match for each other, everyone wins. In today’s post, we will provide some tips to keep in mind when submitting photos for your surrogate profile. Learn more below, and reach out to us to learn more about becoming a surrogate mother.

Why Is Your Profile Important?

Before getting into some do’s and don’ts, it’s important to understand just how crucial your profile is. After you have followed the steps to becoming a surrogate by completing an interview, submitting all the necessary paperwork, and receiving approval, we create a surrogate profile complete with photos you provide.

This is the profile we use to match intended parents with potential surrogate mothers based on their preferences. Because of this, it’s important to think of your profile as a first impression — this is the first thing that intended parents will see when determining if they trust you to be their surrogate mother. Now let’s get into some tips to help ensure you submit the best photos possible.

Don’t — Submit Photos With Filters

Snapchat filters and photoshop are all good and well when sending photos to your friends, but you wouldn’t include one of those on a job resume, right? Creating a surrogacy profile is no different — you want to show intended parents your true self so they know more about the person who could be carrying their child.

Do — Show Your Maternal Characteristics

One of the best ways to make a positive first impression with intended parents through your profile is showing your maternal characteristics. This can be incredibly impactful and show that you are the perfect choice for carrying their child. Submit photos of you smiling and interacting with your children.

Don’t — Use Inappropriate Photos

While you may have a great photo of yourself at a bar or with your friends, those will not come across kindly to intended parents viewing your profile. Remember — the goal of your profile is to show that you are an exemplary pick to carry someone’s child, so make sure your photos match that. A surrogate mother’s chances at connecting with intended parents are tarnished when their profile includes photos of them dressed inappropriately or engaging in inappropriate activities.

Do — Focus on Your Surroundings

An otherwise-perfect photo can actually be ruined by the background. When taking and submitting photos for your profile, don’t ignore what’s behind you! Messy bedrooms and sketchy surroundings could be off putting to intended parents and make them gloss over your profile. Instead, try to take and submit photos of yourself outside at a park or with a neat background in your home.

Don’t — Submit Blurry Photos

It might seem acceptable to submit a blurry photo of yourself with the hopes that the rest of your profile will make up for it. However, when an intended parent sees a blurry photo, it can easily make you come across as lazy. There are some easy and quick solutions to ensure this doesn’t happen, without the use of filters. If you’re taking a selfie, remember to clean off your front camera to remove any smudge marks, and try to rest your arm on a surface to create a steady hold. You can also have a friend or family member take your photos for you to ensure the best quality.

Do — Submit Multiple Photos

Submitting multiple photos will help our admissions department to create a perfect profile for you! The more photos of you and your family we have, the more engaging your profile comes across, as it offers intended parents more of a chance to understand who you are and why you are the perfect choice to carry their child. If intended parents see two similar profiles of two very deserving surrogate mothers, they will likely be naturally more inclined to select the profile with five photos than the one with a single photo.

If you follow these simple tips when submitting photos to help us create your surrogate profile, you may have a better chance of connecting with a family. Our team at Lotus Eilte is always here to help answer any questions you may have about your profile and the matching process, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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