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An Overview of the Surrogacy Process

We know how important surrogacy is in helping families achieve the dream, and our international surrogacy agency is committed to helping you understand the entire process so that dream can become a reality. At Lotus Eilte, we help intended parents grow their families thanks to well-screened surrogate mothers and egg donations.

Understanding the implications of surrogacy is crucial for success throughout the process. Whether you are an intended parent looking to grow your family or a potential surrogate helping make that dream happen, we are ready to walk you through all the steps of surrogacy. Continue reading below to learn more, then reach out to us to begin the process!

Commit to the Process

If you are seriously considering surrogacy, chances are you’ve thought long and hard about the commitment. However, it is crucial for both sides to fully invest their time and energy into the process in order to have a successful surrogacy. After all, this is nearly a year-long process that will forever affect the lives of everyone involved.

If you are a potential surrogate mother, do some research on how the process will affect your body, time, career, and family. Similarly, intended parents must consider the impact this will have on the financial and emotional wellbeing of their entire family. Here at Lotus Eilte, we are committed to educating everyone before and during the process so they can make the best correct decision. If you have made the commitment, we’re ecstatic to help you with the next steps!

Select a Surrogacy Type

After making the commitment, the next step in surrogacy is choosing the correct type for you and your family. There are two types of surrogacies to consider:

  • Traditional — In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is also the biological mother of the child as her egg is fertilized using sperm from the intended father or sperm donor. When selecting your surrogacy type, it is important to remember the emotional risks that could arise with traditional surrogacy.

  • Gestational — Gestational surrogacy differs from traditional in that the surrogate mother is not the child’s biological mother. In this surrogacy method, an egg from the intended mother or a donor is fertilized with a sperm from the intended father or donor using in vitro fertilization. Once fertilized, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother.

Both methods come with their specific benefits, so make sure you understand which is best for your family. It is also important to decide between surrogacy attorneys or a surrogacy agency, like Lotus Eilte, to carry out the surrogacy process.

Find a Match

One of the most crucial steps for both sides of the surrogacy, finding the best match is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. Plus, when you partner with our surrogacy agency at Road to Baby, you have the freedom of choosing surrogates across international boundaries to ensure you truly find the best match for your needs!

Our surrogacy agency makes finding the best match easier than ever. We take the time to get to know you so we can develop a surrogacy plan that is perfect for your family. Then, we put together a surrogacy profile to share with potential surrogate mothers or intended parents who are also looking for a match.

After both sides express their interest, we allow you to get to know your surrogate or intended parents through phone calls and in-person meetings. This is where you truly get to know the other side of the party that will be joining you in this journey! Once you and the surrogate mother or intended parents have both found their match, you’re ready to begin the next step.

Complete the Legal Process

Satisfying the legal process of surrogacy is the next step after both sides have found their match. Both the surrogate mother and the intended parents will meet with their own surrogacy attorneys to ensure their interests are protected and in order.

After each side determines their interests and the legal aspects of the surrogacy are set and agreed upon by each party and each attorney, contracts will be signed to begin the embryo transfer. Each party will likely discuss different interests and obligations with their surrogate attorney:

  • Surrogate Mother — Prospective surrogate mothers and their attorney will discuss the legal aspects of surrogacy dealing with compensation and any foreseeable risks that may arise. They will review the contract drafted by the attorney of the intended parents to ensure that your interests align with theirs.

  • Intended Parents — Intended parents and their attorney will also discuss legal aspects including compensation and legal parental rights of the child after birth. After reviewing and agreeing to the contract from the surrogate mother and her attorney, the process can officially begin.

Begin and Complete the Medical Process of Surrogacy

Now that a match is found and contracts are agreed upon by each party and their attorneys, the surrogacy process can begin by an agreed upon fertility clinic. To begin, the intended mother or egg donor will be prescribed to help develop her eggs and undergo an egg retrieval procedure. Likewise, the surrogate will undergo fertility treatments to increase the chances of a successful surrogacy.

After confirming the healthy pregnancy, the surrogate mother will begin receiving the agreed upon base compensation and monthly allowance to ensure proper prenatal care. The full medical process differs based on many factors, including the type of surrogacy selected. Intended parents and surrogate mothers usually stay in touch frequently throughout the process and oftentimes continue to build a relationship.

Finally, after the surrogacy process is complete, intended parents and surrogate mothers enjoy the life-changing event of the birth of the baby. The intended parents nearly always join the surrogate mother in the hospital to share the experience and welcome their child into the world.

If you have more questions about the full surrogacy process, we’d be happy to answer them. Reach out to us today to learn more about surrogacy and begin the process with your family!

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