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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Surrogate Mothers

Taking the leap into surrogacy to help a couple grow their family is one of the most selfless acts a person could do. If you’ve decided to take this courageous step, we applaud you for your courage and willingness to put your life on pause for the benefit of another family.

Here at Lotus Eilte, we’re here to make those nine-plus months as smooth as possible, both for the surrogate mother and the intended parents. To do so, our surrogate mothers are required to follow strict guidelines that aid the child’s healthy growth and development.

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother, take a look at our surrogacy requirements to see if you qualify. Once you’ve determined your eligibility, keep these five healthy lifestyle tips in mind both before and during your pregnancy.

Eliminate Harmful Substances

One of our most important requirements for intended surrogate mothers is that they do not have a history of drug use. Drug tests will be performed on every potential surrogate. It goes without saying that drug and alcohol use is prohibited during the pregnancy, but those aren’t the only harmful substances that can impact the child’s growth. When carrying a child, it’s important to avoid exposure to chemicals, including many household chemicals, that can interfere with a healthy pregnancy. Too much caffeine can also be detrimental, as could some over-the-counter medications.

Follow a Nutritious Diet

We also require all of our surrogate mothers to have a BMI at or below 32 to avoid the harmful side effects it could have on the mother and baby. Whether you’re intending to become a surrogate or are already carrying a child, it is crucial to follow a nutritious diet. Surrogates and intended surrogates alike should have a balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and whole grains.

Stay Active

Remaining physically active before surrogacy allows you to meet our requirements for surrogate mothers, and those guidelines become even more important after pregnancy. 30 minutes of low-impact physical activity per day can have amazing impacts on your pregnancy, including a boosted mood, reduced pregnancy symptoms, and a smoother delivery process. Consider yoga, swimming, and prenatal exercises to stay active.

Minimize Stress

Minimizing stress is important for both you and the child throughout pregnancy. While it’s impossible to avoid stress completely, finding ways to relax and take a step away from daily stresses is crucial. Here at Road to Baby, we make it easier to do just that by giving you a surrogate support system throughout your pregnancy to turn to with questions and concerns.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule of at least eight hours per night is crucial for your health and a healthy pregnancy. Sleep allows your body to regulate hormones that control your metabolism, immune system, and more. Remember to sleep safely as you get further along in your pregnancy. Sleeping on your back can cut off the blood supply to the baby, so make sure to sleep on your side after the first trimester.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial in both your chances of becoming a surrogate and enjoying a healthy pregnancy. If you’re ready to make a life-changing impact on someone’s life, apply to become a surrogate mother with Lotus Eilte.

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