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Focus on out-of-hospital services and innovation in the vertical areas of maternal and newborn care, maternity and assisted reproduction.



Global Maternity and Newborn
Insurance Solution

Suitable for gestational carrier

Great Care

Maternity Insurance

Covers 52 types of pregnancy complications, bringing pregnant women comprehensive coverage against high bills caused by maternity diseases.

Maternity Insurance

Great Morning

Coverage for newborn diseases, Great Morning Newborn Insurance can lock in these benefits before the birth of the child.

Suitable for surrogate newborn


Coverage for Pregnancy complications

  • Flexible coverage period

  • Super cost-effective

  • Direct billing service in US

In the process of pregnancy, the only thing that can lead to high bills and uncontrollable expenses is pregnancy complications. Great Care Maternity Insurance covers 52 types of pregnancy complications, bringing pregnant women comprehensive coverage against high bills caused by maternity diseases.

At present, the local medical insurance in various countries and regions has successively imposed some restrictions on third-party assisted reproduction, which has led to the fact that local medical insurance is not the only choice of maternity insurance. While the Great Care Maternity Insurance has no purchase restrictions, which can be used as a full protection plan for pregnant women, as a transitional solution during the gaps for local medical insurance or an insurance after childbirth.

Three coverage period selections: 3-month, 6-month and 12-month; renewable.

No additional fees and upfront payment; Medical fee generated in network hospitals can be paid directly by United Healthcare.

Can be insured before, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Super cost-effective, with a premium as low as $3,820.

Coverage region can be selected as global including the U.S. and Canada or global excluding the U.S. and Canada.

Great Care Maternity Insurance

Suitable for gestational carrier


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Sunshine Insurance Group



Focus on maternal and newborn care, maternity and assisted reproduction.

Lotus Elite Fertility focuses on the niche area of maternity and assisted reproduction, in cooperation with maior insurance companies and medical in stitutions, providing our clients with user experience of differentiated services and a more com-plete, more convenient and more in line with client needs in the aspects of insurance and healthcare.
We have exclusively customized and developed the "Baby Dinosaur Pregnancy Insurance", the "Great Morning Newborn Insurance", the "Great Care Maternity Insurance", and other standard high-end medical insurance.In the meanwhile,
Lotus Elite Fertility is committed to providing comprehensive family risk planning and follow-up insurance services to global families, with clients all over the world.


We have a full set of insurance-related product solutions, including medical insurance, critical illness insurance, life insurance, annuity insurance, and annual dividend insurance, etc., which can provide end clients and institutions with customized insurance plans, program consultation, assistance in insurance application, claims, insurance product life cycle management, data analysis, and other services.

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Newborn and Surrogacy Insurance

If you are seeking newborn and surrogacy insurance, you've come to the right place. Lotus Elite Fertility is delighted to offer information on international newborn insurance for surrogacy journeys in Canada, USA and Mexico.

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